Thursday, September 21, 2006

Finding Inspiration

Here's a hot tip. If you want to avoid creating church publications with a cringe factor, avoid using church clip-art for inspiration. It's always going to be same-old-same-old; trite illustrations of all the usual stuff. Create cultural engagement by looking for inspiration in the kind of media people are exposed to every day.

Here's an example. Though I've only seen one episode, the logo for Bryan Brown's 'Two Twisted' series on channel 9 really caught my eye. It's sensational:

With a teaching weekend on "The Seven Deadly Sins" coming up, I figured that the topic had suitable 'dark edge' for a similar treatment. I experimented with a bit of amateur calligraphy of my own before settling on the font LMS Bloody Brujah on I added a few swishes and swirls, and ended up with something that I thought was sufficiently evil looking... so much so that I had to lighten the effect with a few "Seven Deadly Sins" Ice Creams from Streets. Comments and suggestions welcome:


Peter Barson said...

The ice-creams are a great touch Phil!

Anonymous said...

Making your speaker look like a SINister Minister also helps with the overall look