Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Beautiful Powerpoint

Garnet Swann from Eatons Hill's Freshchurch is celebrating the first birthday of the church with a powerpoint presentation on why they want to "grow committed, connected, clear-thinking and compassionate followers of Jesus." It's not only a great framework for a church - it's one of the cleanest, most beautifully designed powerpoints I've seen for a while. Here are some pointers:
* Lots of clean white space
* crisp cut-out images on the white background look fresh, and integrate the design
* orange and grey make a great colour combination, and work well with the crisp black and white of the rest of the design
* the grey 08 background is another simple and clean design element. It's a simple, constant reminder that they're launching a new year, and adds a nice dynamic touch with the slight tilt, and the edge cropping.
* overall, it's simple, clean, and not too fussy.
Top marks!