Thursday, March 15, 2007

More on Design Software...

Following up from his previous question on design software, Stuart Atkinson asks, "Do churches/ministers qualify for the academic/not for profit organisation version of Corel Draw($175- against about $800)?"

A few years ago, Corel was certainly offering the educational discount to churches; our church purchased through a company in Melbourne that specialised in academic retailing. I'll try to dig out the details.

Meanwhile, Rob Lamont's Ministry Blue site has links to a number of special offers, including the full Adobe Creative Suite for $580. It's certainly worth a look:
Discounted Software for Australian Based charities, not for profits , missions, ministry, church or youth organisations


Phil said...

After some quick web research, I found the following supplier who can provide Corel Draw X3 Academic Edition to churches for $185...
Rob Beaumont
Berlin Wall Software Supermarket
408 King William Street
ABN 43 008 219 449

PHONE: (08) 8231-4799
FAX: (08) 8231-4417


Phil said...

Bob Long says: Try

Corel take you to an on-line shop:
(might have to copy the whole link to get all the characters, including the == on the end.)

As is my wont, I'll make a couple of other suggestions for free software, which you are free to ignore if you want:

Also, the Draw component of


Mike said...

I'll agree about Inkscape. It's an excellent free vector art program that's actively being developed. Vector art looks nice because there are no pixels, just curves, and it can also therefore scale to any size. Inkscape outputs to all sorts of formats, including PDF, the quality is excellent, and it works on Win, Mac or Linux. I've used it for various projects. Among other things it will trace bitmaps into vector art, which cleans up a lot of jagged images, and it will bend text around any shape you care to try. Not dead easy, but not too hard to use either. You can also export Vector art from Inkscape to OpenOffice Draw, then paste into an OpenOffice word processing document and save it as a MS Word file. I used that to get my church logo into Word as vector art, which makes nice small documents with great artwork.

If you're after Free Desktop Publishing software, you might want to try Scribus. You can also check out info about it at Wikipedia and see some samples of stuff made with Scribus. Scribus also runs on Win, Mac or Linux. The learning curve of Scribus is a bit steeper than M$ Publisher, because it's aimed at layout professionals, but it seems to output great quality materials. It outputs to PDF at professional levels and uses the CMYK colour scheme from the ground up.

Phil said...

Thanks for suggesting Scribus. It's certainly worth a look, and good for the price! I've got to say, though, that I find it a bit clunky... I couldn't wait to get back to Corel Draw!

Mike said...

A follow up on Inkscape - the latest version (0.45) can now save to EMF (Enhanced Meta File) format, which then imports straight into Microsoft Word as a nice clean graphic. This makes it much easier and more useful. The only caveat is that images can't be too complex (like using colour blends - where a colour blends from red to yellow. These will be reduced to single colours). This should hopefully improve in later releases.

Anonymous said...

HI can you please also give me info on a simple user friendly program that will allow me to make nich church brochures, pamlets or memory booklets. for the extra, i would love something that is free. our church is very small but i want to do nice work.I would like to have something that I can do nice text with inserted pictures with a good layout and borders PLEASE HELP ASAP. thanks