Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Already?

"I was quite pleased with this little flyer to promote our family service," says Stuart Atkinson from Brisbane's Wilston Presbyterian Church. "I initually thought - Christmas - that means lots of colour doesn't it? And although we could probably add some colour here, the little bits of reddy/pink actually stand out more when you're not overloaded. I was most pleased with the amount of depth I could get by resizing the star and using shadows. Interested in comments - I think I've probably broken every layout rule here, as basically nothing lines up, and the kiddy photo probably could have used some treatment. I just wanted to let people know as well about the rihac conitnuous ink supply system which I've been testing. It's basically a system that connects reservoir bottles to your inkjet printer, which massively reduces your costs. It's particularly useful with flyers like this. These days the inkets do a particularly good quality prints, especially on glossy paper, and If you just want to do a small run (a hundred or so) flyers for distribution within church, it's handy, as commercial printer companies don't really cater for this. Here's the site"

Stu also wonders where you can get a good range of papers for this kind of printing? He says it seems easy to get the very heavy 230gsm glossy photo paper, but it's harder to get the 130-170gsm stuff which seems to work better for flyers - particularly double sided gloss/semi gloss paper. Any tips?


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