Thursday, September 18, 2008

Selling Forgiveness

There's been debate among the ministry team at MPC about whether this web-poster is an engaging and attractive way to advertise a teaching weekend on "Forgiveness." It's masculine, it's dark, and it's based on the movie poster from Clint Eastwood's moody movie "Unforgiven." Personally, I figured it had a lot of advantages over a design featuring lots of flowers and girly stuff... but the jury is still out. Comments welcome.


The Shtes! said...

For someone unfamiliar with the Clint Eastwood movie (poster) here are some thoughts:

- the shadowy figure looks like a priest holding a chain + cross
- the title of 'forgiveness' coupled with the shadowy priestly figure, suggests forgiving a priest of some sin
- forgiving a priest of some sin conjures up the latest sex-scandals

With all that in mind I'm not sure it hints appropriately enough at the weekend's teaching aims... but it could just be me!

BS said...

I think the web-poster is a classic example of the dangers involved in using a dated pop-culture image. Despite being a big fan of the Clint Eastwood film myself (and so I'm quite familiar with the movie poster) I don't think the web-poster works because its just not familiar enough anymore - the original movie was made back in 1992. An image that draws on a pop culture image that is 18 years old therefore runs the very big risk of many people just not getting it... as "the shtes!" very clearly exemplifies.