Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stock Photos - Great links

Mike Pittman offers the following handy links for stock photos:
This is a search engine for images that taps into several other free image banks. All are high resolution. All are free to use, although some require permission and/or attribution (licensing information is available for each photo).
I've got a plugin for my Firefox browser that allows me to search this site without opening the page first ( There is quite possibly one available for internet explorer, but I haven't got the motivation to look for it
Something else impressive that Yotophoto does is search by colour - see
Many of these are taken on white backgrounds, meaning it is dead simple to remove the background.

Some other resources that may be useful; - by Darren Hester - pixelperfect, designsbydarren etc.

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Mike said...

To follow up on the post, you might also want to check out this link;
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