Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Simplified QTC Logo for Glass Etching

Here's an interesting challenge. With the rebranding of Queensland Theological College (formerly the Consortium of Reformed Colleges), we needed a crest design to be applied to the glass doors at the college entrance. There's a great new stick-on product that looks just like old-style glass etching... but the design must be simple enough to cut from the plastic sheeting. As you can see from sample A, there's no way the detailed leaves and flames would be suitable... so the design had to be reduced to simple elements that would maintain identity with the original design. This was far from easy, and took lots of hours. The result is shown in sample B. (The plastic sheeting is translucent, sparkly white - I've shown it in blue for your convenience.) In the end, I'm wondering if it might actually work better on letterheads and for general use than the original design. Any thoughts?

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Aaron said...

G'day Phil,

I'd definitely use a positive (ie not reversed out) version of the simplified design on everything. It's much better than the old one. Nice work.