Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Freshchurch Launch News

Just to keep connected with the real world, here's a quick update on the "Freshchurch" publicity campaign. Our team has letterbox dropped around 3000 flyers in the Eatons Hill area, and handed out free oranges at a local shopping centre. Here's some great coverage from the "Northwest News"... click the image for a larger view.

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Anonymous said...

Hey love the graphic work on the freshchurch campaign. Do have some misgivings about the terminology and the selling points. The use of the title 'freshchurch' can set you up for failure if you are not a fair dinkum fresh church. The video on the blog shows a common & garden variety evangelical service. It's good but is it fresh?

The copy on the flyers and newspaper articles seems to draw a negative contrast with other churches.

It would be preferable if you stuck to your own positives and avoided seeking to strike a negative contrast.